About Us

Who We Are

Carolina Fatz is the closest shop to the trails serving Western NC for over 30 years!  We are a no-ego, no-frills bike shop and we pride ourselves on customer service and quality work.  We are located across the street from (and in riding distance to) Bent Creek, the Arboretum, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  With extensive knowledge of bikes and trails, we aim to meet all of your needs in a professional and timely manner.


Gabe has been around bikes his whole life. He was mountain biking before that was even a thing. He’s ridden most of these world class trails on full rigid, fixed gear bikes. Think about that the next time you use modern technology to get up and down one of these trails.  At one point in time, Gabe had his own bike line.  He was building bikes from scratch, frame and all.  Gabe understands the inner-workings of these bikes like no other.  If he can’t fix your problem, it’s doubtful that anyone can.  Although he doesn’t talk about it much, Gabe has rubbed elbows and ridden bikes with some of the biggest legends the sport has ever seen.  We kind of think he’s one of those legends himself.  Additionally, Gabe plays a mean trumpet and can sometimes even be spotted out playing in the incredible Asheville music scene.

cool cat gabe


Keith has a completely different background in mountain biking.  He simply gets up every day and rides through the woods by trail and gravel road.  He’s logged roughly 40,000 miles in the woods of Asheville alone. He’s driven by the connection to nature and has recently started sharing photographs that he’s captured along the way.  Through the years, he has encountered hundreds of black bears in the mountains of western North Carolina.  He brings an extensive business background to the bike shop and keeps things running smoothly behind the front lines.



Though Stevie is our newest member, he’s not new to the biking scene at all.  Stevie has been around bikes most of his life.  He’s ridden all throughout the Southeast on roads and trails.  Stevie also has a background in music and still occasionally moonlights as a musician.  He also has a recording studio and sound business.